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Women’s health is a speciality of its own, which requires expert understanding.

As a woman, there are many specific health related illnesses and problems which may affect you. In addition, you could suffer from certain illnesses that are often over looked in women.

We realise that when a medical problem comes out of the blue it can be a particularly worrying time. To help put patients at complete ease we provide the utmost compassion, reassurance and discretion, from the moment you come to us.

In the calm and comfortable surroundings of our clinic, our practitioners diagnose and treat a wide range of minor and urgent health conditions. These include:

Urinary tract and bladder infections

Vagina and womb issues

Heavy periods


Breast problems such as nipple discharge

Infertility and reproductive health

Pregnancy issues including breast feeding

Depression and post-natal depression

Bone health

Heart attacks

Minor strokes

Constipation and diarrhoea

Toxic shock syndrome

Turner syndrome

Rett syndrome

Cosmetic treatments

Our experts can deal with a variety of skin problems, including combating the signs of premature aging. To smooth fine lines and wrinkles for a younger, more rejuvenated look, we can apply Botox®, chemical peels, dermal fillers, micro dermabrasions and skin firming treatments. We can also carry out, using laser light treatment, the non-surgical removal of unsightly varicose veins.

Diet and exercise

A balanced diet and regular exercise is seen as key to a healthy long life. Dietary needs can be complex and individual. We therefore tailor our advice to you, measuring your intake of vitamins, minerals, proteins and other nutrients and advising on nutrition to assist with your general health or issues brought on by specific illnesses.

Our expert clinicians are also trained in conducting fitness screening and personalised exercise plans. In addition, to help you continually stay active, we diagnose, treat, as well as help prevent many sporting injuries through our comprehensive sports medicine services.

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Our members are individuals who must be on top of their game. Members include sports men & women, from Premiership footballers through to Olympic Gold medal winners, business executives and entrepreneurs that lead hectic, fast pace lives, and performing artists, both on the stage and film. We excel in meeting our members’ every health need so that they can excel in life.

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